Happy 25th birthday Slim!! The bEST hype man ever! Love.🎈🎉🎂🎁🍻


Kells has come a long way and Casie’s growing up ♥


Dat smirk doe 👏


Love this picture.

New Kellyvision (X)

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MGK gets pulled over for air drumming on his steering wheel


trying to drop the new season premier of Kellyvision tomorrow. tonight will be a long night. 💻🌃


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Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on as much lately…

Just that I’ve been busy, perfecting my resume and going out job hunting! I’m finally putting myself back out there. After so many months of depression and confusion that took me over. The thought made me anxious and I had motivation issues, even just getting out of bed was hard to do. Too much negative thoughts, I was convinced I’m not good enough, and didn’t believe in myself. Thoughts like “You’re not worth it. You’re an idiot. Just stop. You’re not good or smart enough. Relapse. Shit won’t change, just end it all now!” And the list goes on. Tortured by my own mind every day, I became my own worst enemy. :( I became used to it, not letting a lot of ppl know. I am on medication now, it seems to be ok.. I may have stopped physically harming myself, but I’m still working on mentally/emotionally. I know if it wasn’t for EST I wouldn’t have made it this far. Just thought I’d update, I’ll stop so this won’t be any longer. Lace up fam, I love you all so much!! ❤


rape me. 🎶🎸 #legendsneverdie 📷 by @caseymcperry